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KIWI CHAN  | Artistic Director

An independent artist and creative producer, whom creations focus on Butoh, experimental theatre, and site-specific dance. Graduated from Inter-cultural studies (MA) of The Hong Kong Chinese University in 2013.


Creations are both my passion and struggle, crave to explore various possibilities. I enjoy the dilemma of body, Butoh and Contact Improvisation have been my biggest inspiration since 2012. Butoh is not only a dance form but a philosophy. Being an indie Butoh artist, my concern is about metamorphosis, what I want to seek is “somatic resonance”. I devote myself to contemporary theatre, as I believe that performing art is the best field for sharing the presence.

Previous mining: 

- 10 years theatre making experience

- Found 3 performing arts units with friends

- 7 years independent project management experience 

- 5 years public arts organisation work experience

- 3 years associate degree arts & humanities programme teaching experience






- 10年舞台藝術創作經驗

- 曾先後成立3個表演藝術組織

- 7年獨立製作人經驗

- 5 年公營機構藝術行政經驗

- 3年副學士學位藝術賞識教育經驗

WONG SZE MEI |  Guest Curator

Graduated in MALCS in Hong Kong University (2018) and Fine Art in The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2013), Wong Sze Mei is a freelance creator and art administrator who is proficient in managing cross-disciplinary art and cultural project.

Focuses on moving images, Wong’s creation tends to be theoretical and performative, so as to explore a poetic representation of an individual in contemporary time. Apart from personal creation, Wong also works as producer, director, photographer, art director and scriptwriter in independent film, multi-media design and documentation of theatre, as well as commercials. 

As a genuine art lover with endless curiosity, Wong devotes her career and leisure time to pursue professional development in different art form. She is keen on learning drum set recently and to investigate the aesthetic besides the dominant visual representation.

Previous mining: 

- 9 years art administration experience
- 4 years art archive experience
- 2 years business working experience in PRC and Europe





- 9年藝術行政管理經驗
- 4年藝術資料庫管理經驗
- 2年中國、歐洲商務工作經驗





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