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《山海二零四玖》 以涿鹿之戰為引子, 蚩尤一族戰敗黃帝後,有人選擇忘記一切重新出發,有人誓要找到崑崙山才罷休,過程中卻誤闖到-2049年的香港,經歷著意想不到的事情,究竟靠著各自努力能爬上心中那座山嗎?




<Our Mountains & Seas 2049> refers to an ancient Chinese war- “The Battle of Zhuolu”. After Chiyou was defeated by Yellow Emperor, some of the losers chose to forget everything and restart. While some took an oath to search for their dreamland – Mount Kunlun. Yet they strayed into Hong Kong 2049 accidentally in the journey. Can they find the mountain in their minds at the end?


During the show, the audiences will have a VR-reality combined experience. And they will discover that the two parts are inextricably linked. Thus, a question would be raised- Will you feel satisfied if the virtual world can fulfil all of your wants entirely?

導演 Director / 監製 Producer  |

陳家蔚 Kiwi CHAN

編劇Script Writer |


錄像及VR 媒體指導 Director of Videography & VR Media | 謝振聲 Sing JantzenTse

美術指導及空間設計Art Director & Space Designer | 

洪忠傑 Kensa HUNG

AR/VR 媒體設計師AR/VR Media Designer  |

陳宇軒 Chan Yu Hin、劉家俊Lau Ka Chun

動畫設計  Animation Designer |

江耀榮 KONG Yiu Wing

燈光設計 Lighting Designer |

黎子瑜 Lai Tsz Yu

服裝設計 Costume Designer |

陳安瑤 Annebell Chan

作曲 Composer | 

陸尉俊 Luk Wai Chun

舞台監督Stage Manager |

李頌昇 Lee Chung Sing


執行舞台監督 Deputy Stage Manager |

陳家駒 Rufus Chan

助理舞台監督Assistant Stage Manager |

張煒文 Raymond Cheung

宣傳經理 Promotion Manager |

林焯豪 Roy Lam


執行宣傳Marketing Executive |

林灼盈 Chee Lam


主視覺設計 KV Designer | 

洪忠傑 Kensa HUNG


創作演員Creative Performer

刑天 - 陳昊霆 Rauv Chan, HoHo

應龍 - 譚瑞強 Rambo Tam

精衞 - 徐嘉蒓 Kasen Tsui

天吳 - 郭彥發 Ben Kwok

窮奇 - 楊雅迪Rolly Yang

饕餮 - 黃定邦 Wong Ting Pong, Michael

朱厭 - 朱仟青 Ching Chu

羿 - 文橋康 Vic Man

飛廉 - 叶謹誠 Nicholas Yip


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