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《尋找大象 》- 社區聲音地圖集“Life with Elephant” – Community Sound Mapping
周雪甄Cat Chau X  謝振聲Sing jantzen Tse X 陳家蔚Kiwi Chan

《尋找大象 》是以「社區聲音地圖集  Community Sound Mapping」去進行地區的行動研究 – 計劃、行動、觀察、反省;期望以「大象」作為引旨,走進社區,邀請街坊一同去尋找這隻看不見的「大象」。創作團隊以六區:九龍城、葵涌、西貢、馬灣、南丫島、坪洲為據點,從小城到小島,將以關注現代人的身心健康為切入,以計劃扣問「留低的意願」。預計於每區以聲音導賞團邀請街坊參與,並以巡迴展覽集結成果。


The programme aims at raising the awareness of physical and mental health of modern people by carrying out community sound mapping in six districts, i.e. Kowloon City, Kwai Chung, Sai Kung, Ma Wan, Lamma Island and Peng Chau. ‘Elephant’ refers to the idiom ‘the elephant in the room’, meaning an obvious problem that no one wants to discuss. The programme wishes to use elephant as a precursor to go into the community and invite the general public to look into the invisible ‘elephant’ (problems) together and find out ‘the willingness to stay behind’. It is expected that people in the neighbourhoods will be invited to participate in an audio guided tour and the results will be gathered to organise a touring exhibition.

Cat Chau
Sing Jantzen Tse
Kiwi Chan
 參與藝術家 Participatory Artists

周雪甄  Cat Chau



HK-Malaysian a multi-Instrumentalist, Theater Musician, Registered Music Therapist and Registered Social Worker based in Hong Kong. She is focusing on improvisation for for a theatre. Passionate to evoke “music child” on every individuals, believe everyone can play music.


謝振聲 Sing Jantzen Tse

謝振聲生於80後的香港,於中文大學藝術系碩士畢業。他的創作圍繞住對語言與溝通、流行影像與音樂、以及城市各樣風景的關注。他喜於應用不同物料,聲音錄像等多媒體作創作媒介。2017 年與友人創立「打邊爐創作室」,致力以團隊形式創造更多以探索聲音、錄像與互動裝置式的媒體。


Sing Jantzen Tse obtained Master of Fine Art in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His artworks focus on the topics including language and conversation, popular music and moving images, and city landscapes. In 2017, he and his friends started art group “Dabinlo Lab”, which focus on video projects, sound and music performance, and multimedia art production.


陳家蔚 Kiwi Chan



Kiwi Chan graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Master of Arts in Inter-cultural Studies in 2013, And is now an independent project producer and creator mainly focusing on experimental theatre, Butoh-inspired works and site-specific dance. She devotes to contemporary theatre, as she believes that performing art is the best field for sharing the presence. She established Star & Dust Collective in 2021, with a commitment to arts project curation and production.




走訪六區 Carrying out in six districts |九龍城Kowloon City、葵涌Kwai Chung、西貢Sai Kung、馬灣Ma Wan、南丫島Lamma Island 及 坪洲 Peng Chau

9月September - 11月November 

聲音導賞團Audio-guided Performance |

參加者將在特定的時間及地點集合一同開展《尋找大象 》之旅,團隊將在旅程中加插神袐項目,務求讓參加者留下難忘的經驗。

10月October  – 12月 December

探險隊召集Calling of the Exploration Team|


1月January 2022

巡迴展覽Touring Exhibition|